I am an avid cyclist, runner and overall health enthusiast. I love what makes the whole person -- heart, mind and body, a strong and healthy one.  I am also an experienced personal chef with a certificate in Nutrition Diet Science.

Being a very active person and wanting to have a healthier and preferably homemade snack, I started creating a bar that would fit in my jersey pocket or running belt. At first this was just for myself and my boys; however, as I started to share them with friends I was encouraged to get them on the market. Now going on my 3rd year, Baker Bars are beginning to make their way around California.

They are gluten and egg free, with a trace of dairy found in the white chocolate chips, which are used in only one flavor. Soy is in the form of soy lecithin (a mixture fatty substances derived from soybean processing) and usually not a problem for those with a soy allergy. They are sweetened with natural sweeteners such as agave, honey and maple syrup, and come in six flavors: Dark Chocolate Cherry, Almond Joy, Maple Pecan, Double Chocolate Espresso and Cashew Cranberry White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana. Baker Bars are made and packaged in a certified home kitchen locally in Bakersfield.

They are sold for $2.00 each, 6 bars for $10, 16 bars for $25.00 or 32 for $50.00

If you are interested in giving these a try, order a sample pack today! If you are already an addicted customer and need to re-order send me a message!

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