Creating Memories...
Whether you are planning a romantic dinner with your spouse, family gathering, birthday party, wedding, bridal or baby shower, business party or other event, you want to create memories that belong to you as well as your guests.

Tempting your taste buds...
Being creative, not only with the theme but with the food is something that I

love! I am always looking for new and pallet pleasing recipes to bring to the table. As we plan your event together we can find what you know your guests like and what you would like their taste buds to explore. Creating your event to not only please the eye but, tempt the taste buds.

Savored Moments is just a phone call away, ready to work with you and helping you make your dream party a reality that everyone will enjoy and remember for years to come. How? I will help develop your thoughts into a theme, suggest serving options, and come up with menu choices that work with your budget.

I then take the reigns by doing the shopping, food prep, cooking, serving and cleaning leaving you to do as much or as little as you like.

Imagine coming home from a long day at work to your house filled with the wonderful aroma of a home cooked meal. With the table set, all you have to do is sit down and enjoy! This is where my Personal Chef Services come into the picture. Not only can I cook for groups but I can sit with you to plan meals that suit your families needs, shop, cook, and fill your fridge and freezer with meals prepared for the week. See packages and pricing for more details.

All this, and budget friendly!
Because I offer personal chef services, my overhead is low and much more affordable than a catering company. I use your kitchen, table service, linens and cookware -- supplementing what you may not have. I do the shopping just prior to your event, and from local markets, which ensures the freshest ingredients possible for the food I prepare in your home, church or other venue.

Let me plan an event that will create memories and tempt your taste buds


  Savored Moments Personal Chef Services 

Jennifer Baker

Owner and Personal Chef